design pod is similar to a folder since it stores all of the files and folders associated with one single digital design.

EEganizer utilizes design pods to: 

  • store all folders and files for a particular design, 
  • catalog into multiple product types, categories, sub-categories and designer, 
  • capture user specific notes on that particular design,
  • generate a single thumbnail to represent that design.

Think of EEganizer as a book shelf. You grab a book or a few books and place them on a shelf in a specific category and sub-category. Designs Pods are the books or in other terms, the main root folder. When you go to upload to EEganizer, you upload a sub-category worth of designs. For example, let's upload a design called American Flag with many files and sub-folders associated with that design. We go to Step 1 and select the main folder named American Flag on our computer containing all the files and sub-folders. Next, Step 2 is simply showing all the files and sub-folders within that design pod that will be uploaded. Step 3 let's us choose the 'shelf' by selecting many tags to associate with that design making it extremely easy to locate in our library.  

Below are three images showing a design pod thumbnail in a library, the design pod details once you click on the thumbnail, and labeled sections of a design pod.