To access Design Pod Details of particular design, click on a specific thumbnail in the library. Example below shows selecting the Snowman Vintage Applique Embroidery Design

Included in the Design Pod Details are:

  • Thumbnail Image
  • Title
  • Product Type
  • Designer
  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Notes
  • All folders and files

Example: Snowman Vintage Applique Embroidery Design Pod Details

To edit the title, click on the pencil icon next to the title above the thumbnail image.

The title can be customized by deleting and typing. To save changes, click on the check button.

To edit the tags (Product Type, Designer, Categories, Subcategories), click on the Edit Pod Tags button.

All tags can be modified and saved by clicking the Apply Tags button at the bottom below categories and subcategories.

To learn more about specific tags, click on the following:

To edit or add notes, click in the notes window. Click the save button to complete modifications.