Think of EEganizer as a book shelf. You grab a book or a few books and place them on a shelf in a specific category and sub-category. Designs Pods are the books. When you go to upload to EEganizer, you upload a sub-category worth of designs. For example, let's upload a design called American Flag with many files and sub-folders associated with that design. We go to Step 1 and select the main folder named American Flag on our computer containing all the files and sub-folders. Next, Step 2 is simply showing all the files and sub-folders within that design pod that will be uploaded. Step 3 let's us choose the 'shelf' by selecting many tags to associate with that design making it extremely easy to locate in our library.  

There are four steps to uploading single or multiple designs.

  1. File Upload
  2. Create Design Pods
  3. Assign Tags to Design Pods
  4. Review Design Pods

Let's get started!

To Upload a single design, first select the menu icon in the top right corner.

Then select Upload.

Step 1 - File Upload

Description: During this step, you will locate files on your computer to then upload to EEganizer.

There are two options to select. Check the circle next to Files.

What are Files?

  • In the two images below, a single file OR zip file can be uploaded when selecting the Files option.
  • IMPORTANT: Zip files are single files. Zip files are one or more files combined into a single file for size reduction. 

What are Folders?

  • This option allows you to select a folder containing multiple single files, folders of designs, and multiple zip files. To upload using the Folder option, please see Uploading multiple designs. Click to learn more.

With the Files option selected, click Browse to search and select a single file to upload. A browse window will appear similar to the image below. Select the single design you want to upload and click Open.

Then click the Upload button.

Step 2 - Create Design Pods

Description: During this step, you will be able to see all files you uploaded and modify design pods to your preference.

What is a Design Pod?

  • EEganizer utilizes design pods to: 
    • store all folders and files for a particular design, 
    • catalog into multiple product types, categories, sub-categories and designer, 
    • capture user specific notes on that particular design,
    • generate a single thumbnail to represent that design.
  • Below are two images showing the design pod thumbnail in the library and the design pod details after you click on the thumbnail. Click to learn more.

Note: For a single file upload, you will not need to use the design pod editor. The editor will be used when uploading multiple file designs.

Next, click Continue.

Step 3 - Assign Tags to Design Pods

Description: During this step, you will select product type, designer, categories, sub-categories, and specific notes.

Tag Definitions:

  • Product Type - By default, the following product types have been created: Applique, Embroidery, Fonts, Printable, and SVG. These can be modified or deactivated plus new product types created. Click to learn more
  • Designer - The person or company that designed the design. Click to learn more.
  • Categories - Main categories to sort and organize your designs. Click to learn more.
  • Sub-Categories - Categories one layer below the main categories for more flexibility.
  • Overall, there are three layers to house all of your designs: Product Types > Categories > Sub-Categories. A parallel layer to also sort your designs is by Designer.

To add a Product Type(s) tag, click the window for a drop down of default product types and select your preference. Next, click the plus button to confirm. Click here to learn about adding new and editing product types. 

To add a Designer(s) tag, click the window and type the designer name. Next, click the plus button to confirm. Click here to learn about adding new and editing designers. 

To select Categories and Sub-Categories tags, click on all boxes next to your preference. There are no limits on how many you can select and will not go against your storage allotment for multiple selections.

Lastly, you can add user specific notes for this particular design being uploaded. These notes will be included with the design pod titles for when you choose to utilize the search window in your library.

Click on the Apply Tags button once all tags are confirmed.

Step 4 - Review Design Pods

Description: During this step, you will be able to review all tags previously selected and choose a specific file for the library thumbnail.

First, you will see all tags selected in Step 3 in the top left.

Second, you will see the file that was uploaded and a green check box. The green checkbox means that this is a file type that can be converted to a thumbnail image for your library. When uploading multiple files, you will be able to choose which file is converted. 

Finally, click the Save button to complete the upload. You will be redirected to your library where you will see a thumbnail being generated for that design pod.