The Design Pod Editor is part of Step 2: Create Design Pods during the Upload process. The design pod editor can be used for multiple scenarios. A few examples:

  • Remove a design pod to prevent uploading to your library
  • Modify a design pod during the upload process

Let's get started!

Design Pod Editor Overview

There are three main sections:

A. Upload Folder Viewer

B. File Search and Selection Window

C. Selected Files Viewer

Upload Folder Viewer (A)

The Upload Folder Viewer (A) shows all folders and subfolders that were previously selected for upload. You can click on each folder or subfolder and individual files will appear in the File Search and Selection Window (B)

In the example below, a folder of multiple designs was selected to be uploaded (Christmas). This design contains two subfolders (JKD Christmas Cookie Trio Sketch, JKD Christmas Trees with Bows Cross Stitch Embroidery) containing design files. If you click on any of the folders or subfolders in the Upload Folder Viewer (A) without clicking the REMOVE button by a design pod, you will NOT see any individual files in the File Search and Selection Window (B). Now click the REMOVE button next to a design pod.

Upload Folder Viewer Example

Below Design Pod Editor Example

In this example, Pod Number 3 was removed. This is how a particular design pod can be removed during the upload process. NOTE: When there are individual files within the main upload folder, they will be combined into one design pod and be located at the top of the design preview list. You can choose to remove the individual files design pod or modify with the editor before proceeding.

With the design pod removed, click on the Christmas folder in the Upload Folder Viewer (A). The individual file(s) is now displayed in the File Search and Selection Window (B). 

Next, let's re-create the design pod that was removed. Select the individual file(s) in the File Search and Selection Window (B) and click Select Files.

In the Selected Files Viewer (C), the individual file(s) selected will be displayed. Click Group Files to create a new design pod.

New Design Pod Created Example