There are many different upload scenarios depending on how someone stores their files. They may choose to store all files associated with a design in a folder or they may store only one file for each design combined into one folder. We will explore the later and walk through an example showing how to upload multiple single file designs.

Let's get started!

To Upload multiple single file designs, first select the menu icon in the top right corner.

Then select Upload.

Step 1 - File Upload

Description: During this step, you will locate files on your computer to then upload to EEganizer.

There are two options to select. Check the circle next to Folder.

There are three Pod Types you can choose when uploading with the Folder option.

  1. Single Design Pod
  2. Multiple Design Pods based on 1st Level Subfolders

For uploading a folder containing all single file designs, single design pod is the best option. In the example below, we have stored eight different designs in one folder on our computer. 

Due to many different upload scenarios, EEganizer will combine individual files into one design pod during Step 1. See image below. We will then create a design pod for each file during Step 2. This method prevents unwanted design pods from being created when uploading large amounts of individual files unintentionally.  

Next, click the browse button where you will click on the folder you wish to upload. Note: If you double click the folder in the browse window, it will open the folder and you will not see the individual files but may see sub-folders if present. This is by design and your files will still be uploaded.

After clicking the browse button, you see the below warning image showing the number of files you intend to upload. IMPORTANT: EEganizer can safely handle uploading 12,000 files and/or 2GB of data per upload.

Lastly, click the upload button to proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Create Design Pods

Description: During this step, you will be able to see all the folders and files you uploaded and modify design pods to your preference.

What is a Design Pod?

  • EEganizer utilizes design pods to: 
    • store all folders and files for a particular design, 
    • catalog into multiple product types, categories, sub-categories and designer, 
    • capture user specific notes on that particular design,
    • generate a single thumbnail to represent that design.

In our example, we have uploaded the folder containing our eight individual designs. See image below.

NOTE: If we were to click continue, only one design pod would be created with one thumbnail and all individual files would be stored within that design pod.

To create a design pod for each file, click REMOVE next to the design pod.

Next, Click on the Folder in the Upload Folder Viewer which will then display all individual files in the File Search and Selection Window. Click to learn more about the Design Pod Editor.

Next, Click on a file(s) that you wish to form into a design pod and click Select files. 

The selected file(s) now is displayed in the Selected Files Viewer and ready to become a design pod. Click GROUP FILES and you will see a new design pod is created below the design pod editor.

Repeat this process for the remaining file(s) you wish to become design pods. Not all files have to be uploaded, only the design pods below the design pod editor will be uploaded to EEganizer.